Geospatial Systems Integration

Dividing vertical markets into specialized segments is a natural evolution of K&A’s broad experience during the last two decades.

This also reflects K&A’s care to provide quality-driven services led by subject matter experts who can dedicate more time to learn about their clients and to address their needs.

  • Government Segment
  • Municipalities Segment
  • Commercial Segment
  • Public Safety Segment
  • Energy Segment
  • Electricity Segment
  • Water & Sewerage Segment

Geospatial Services

Supported by strategic alliances with expert partners, who are renowned on a global scale, GSI is able to offer high credibility in its work, value-for-money, in addition to a professional commitment towards a project from inception to realization.

Khatib & Alami (K&A) is committed to the continuous improvement of its professional services; and endeavors to provide opportunities for highly qualified professionals to apply their know-how towards the development and service of clients with the highest levels of professional integrity and commitment.

As a result, establishing, cultivating, and sustaining a relationship with a client is a key ingredient for GSI to improve its positioning in the market not only as a leader, but also as a partner who is competent in providing solutions to meet the clients’ requirements and business needs.

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Roadmap & Strategy Development
  • Analysis & Design
  • Database Modeling & Development
  • Application Design & Development
  • System Design & Integration
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Capacity Building
  • Knowledge Transfer & Support
  • Cloud Hybrid Based Services
  • Computing Infrastructure Services


K&A’s GSI offers a solid and diverse portfolio that provides unique solutions to your institution. These solutions are part of K&A and Esri strategic alliance that earned K&A’s GSI the Platinum Partner status.

  • GeoProjects
  • GeoSouk
  • GeoGuide
  • GeoDashboard
  • GeoOnline
  • GeoProperty

Khatib & Alami Professional Training Services

Get Trained on What you need, When you need, and Where you need.

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  • Training is an essential part for a successful Geographic Information System (GIS) implementation. The K&A Professional Training Services make sure that you do not only protect your investment in GIS technology, but also enhance it.

  • The K&A Professional Training Services are specialized in conducting customized GIS training courses for organizations and for individuals. The course contents are chosen to meet your requirements in the best way.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide excellent GIS Training Services covering almost all the area of specializations.

  • Our mission is to make sure to cover the training needs, build up areas of specialization, and strengthen areas of weakness of our clients.

Why Train with us

  • What makes our training different is that we discuss each of your training requirements in detail, allowing you to mix and match contents from any of our existing courses to form a customized training course structure that best suit your requirements.

  • Our training courses are written in a way to ensure getting exactly what you want. We offer customized learning pathways taught by qualified instructors with the required industrial backgrounds.

  • Our GIS training courses are delivered by subject-matter experts who are experienced in delivering a broad range of technical trainings to a variety of audiences.


  • The K&A Professional Training offer a wide variety of GIS training services. We offer training opportunities to enhance and broaden GIS skills and to keep those skills updated with the latest technology and software developments.

  • The K&A Professional Training Services deliver high-quality, high-value technology courses that are mapped to your specific learning needs. Whether you are new to GIS or an advanced GIS user, developer, system architect, database administrator or manager, we can help.

  • The K&A Professional Training Services discuss your training requirements in details, allowing you to select the contents from any of our existing courses to form a customized training course that best suits your training needs.

  • Tailored Training Program

    • Users may find some standard training courses lengthy and containing more topics than the one relevant to their field of work. In this case, the client may request ahead of training time to select some specific topics that they want to tackle during the actual training session.

  • Special Training Program

    • The clients’ special training requests are catered through a program of training courses particularly designed for them according to their GIS & training requirements. Series of training courses will be available at a special price.

  • On-the-job Training Program

    • The clients will acquire training courses while working on their own GIS data.

  • Localized / Translated Training Services

    • We make sure that our clients get the full grasp and understanding of the training courses that we provide. The training courses will be delivered in Arabic using the standard GIS Arabic terminologies and within the context of its indigenous culture.

  • Other Training Services

    • Train the trainer
    • Preparing for Desktop Associate Esri Technical Certificate
    • Preparing for Geodata Associate Esri Technical Certificate
    • Preparing for Web Developer Associate Esri Technical Certificate


  • Specialized Training Programs


    Course title

    Duration (Days)*


    GIS for Beginners



    GIS for Intermediate Users



    GIS for Advanced Users



    GIS for Managers



    GIS for CAD Users



    GIS for Municipalities



    GIS for Analysts



    GIS for Public Heath



    GIS for Urban Planning


  • Training Programs Classified by Learning Path



    Duration (Days)*


    3D Modelling and Analysis



    Desktop Developers



    Web Developers



    Database Administrators



    Server and Portal Administrators


  • One Day Training Programs (Workshops on Selective Topics)




    Labels and Annotation Management


    Making Better Maps


    Introducing Model Builder


    Understanding Map Projections


    Field Data Collection with Collector and Survey123


    An Introduction to Story Maps

  • *This is some of our available technical workshops; please contact us for more details.

  • Our training courses can be conducted in any of the following options:

    • In the client premises: The advantages are that the trainees will be trained in the same environment where they are working; as well, time and cost of travelling will be saved. In addition, any required data for the training will be handy and easily accessible.

    • In our training venues: The advantage is that the trainees will be disconnected from their daily routine, focusing more on the training.The clients can choose any of our training venues in the shown image.

For more information about the training schedule, please click here .
Contact Us

For more information about the course description, date, price, and venue, please contact:


Tel: +961 1 843 843 - 844 944

Fax: +961 1 844400

Energy & Utilities (Systems Integration)
Energy & Utilities (Systems Integration)

We provide premium enterprise geospatial and smart grid solutions, consultancy services, system design and integration, data services, database administration, custom application development, capacity building and support. Our success is a product of years of expertise that reflect a sound understanding of our customers and their business, insights into history, psychology and traditions of the region, and our willingness to take on the most demanding challenges.

We offer IT/OT services and solutions for the Energy and Utilities sectors including:

  • Geospatial
  • Smart Grid
  • Asset Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Utility Operations Management
  • Consultancy Services
  • Project Management Services